A. I. dols Codebase's game method - using AI to create their own idols!

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Note: Now for beta version

        The blockchain game "A.I.dols Codebase" is now in beta testing. It can only be played downstream of the state where the Ropsten test network is connected.

        * The data will be reset when β ends.


A.I.dols Codebase

        A.I.dols Codebase is one of the new blockchain games that can use AI and deep learning techniques to generate your own idols.

        Not only simple synthetic idols, but also the following combinations.

■ Synthesis between AI idols

■ Your own appearance x AI idol

■ Appearance synthesis between users

        There are quite a few ways to synthesize, and the sound and VR will be updated later, so this game will definitely be much more exciting.

        Not only simple idol generation, but also VR to talk with idols, such games are quite novel, in fact, may actually attract a lot of players.


Connect to MetaMask's Ropsten network

        In order to start the game, you first need to connect to Ropsten.

        Start MetaMask and change the network by selecting the Ropsten test network in the network selection section above.

        After connecting the test network, you need to get the ETH dedicated to this network, and you can start the game after you get it.

        After connecting to the network and testing ETH, visit the official website of A.I.dols Codebase and start the association from the LOG IN above.

        After clicking LOG IN , MetaMask will launch and request a signature. Click on the signature and it will be fine. The blockchain game is the same as usual.


Game method

        The gameplay is simply to make the idol born.

        Once logged in, scroll down to have a list of idols that can be explored, let's look at the idols from here.

        ※Because the probe cannot be merged, etc., give priority to the code generator that will be introduced later.

        By clicking on the idol you want to explore, the probe fee will be marked in the upper right corner, and clicking this button will generate the transaction.

        This may occasionally show bugs or what may cause the transaction to fail (marked in MetaMask), so try to explore a variety of idols.

        ※The idols that have already been purchased are also listed, so there is also the possibility of a bug.

        In addition,an idol can be obtained not only by exploration, but also by the code generator on the menu.

        This gave birth to an idol with a new generation of genes. In addition, not only ETH, the currency in the game can also be used.

        ※ In-game currency (OVO) is not installed

        This will be updated after this release, so stay tuned.

        The explored idol may not be able to merge, so the code generator is recommended at the beginning.

        The birth of the idol can be confirmed by the マイアイドル (my idol) above.

        After that, you can choose to transfer the idol here (listing), or you can also obtain new idols by synthesizing with other idols.

        There are 3 ways to play now.

■ Transfer (listing)

Link (loan)

■ Fusion (synthesis)

        The following explains how to use each content.


Transfer (listing)

        You can transfer (list to) your own idol.

        If the transfer is finished, you can get the set amount, so you can create a cute idol, and use this function cleverly to make a profit.

        First click on the "移籍(Transfer)" button to generate a transaction.

        After generating the transaction, click the button of “Transfer” again to determine the listing price.

        The listing price is even. After entering the amount, press the “決定(Decision)” button to let the transaction happen, and you can go public.


Link (loan)

        The link is an idol that is borrowed for merging.

        This function is almost the same as the transfer, selecting the idol to be linked, and then clicking on the link will generate the transaction.

        ※If you transfer the function to make a transaction, you do not need it.

        After the transaction is generated, click the button of "リンクアップ" again and set the commission. You can apply for the link again.

        After that, the idols are released in the link site. If they are used for integration, the set fee will be charged.


Fusion (synthesis)

        Fusion can create new idols by combining idols.

        Choose the two idols you own to synthesize, or combine them with other players' idols at the link site.

        Please remember that if you borrow from the link site, you will need to pay the loan fee specified by the other party in addition to the transaction fee.

        You can synthesize the idol by scrolling to the bottom of the button by clicking the "フュージョンStart" button.

        If the transaction passes, the idol will be born and can be viewed from my idol.

        Due to the beta version, some images may be distorted in some parts, but it can be seen that the features are quite realistic and may be interesting according to future improvements.

        Please be sure to try it out.


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