First Patch of New Games on ONE UNIVERSE!

JBB.ONE’s co-creation platform for blockchain text adventures—ONE UNIVERSE is now available for everyone!
To create a borderless game universe, we’ve explored various games and got acquainted with many excellent Japanese game authors. Their games have very unique perspectives, amazing ideas and engaging plot settings. Recently, after gaining authorization, we translated and trans-created these excellent games into Chinese on our ONE UNIVERSE platform. We feel so honored to share these games with you!
Now let’s take a look!

Well, that’s our first patch of trans-created games. Of course we won’t stop here! Following comes more interesting ones translated from nice Japanese games, includingおしかけプチリリィ by 弐人, 男の娘に告白されたら by呉西しの ある日, ペンフレンド ~国境を越えた色仕掛けの罠~ and ルームメイト ~うさぎ系ヘタレ男子~ by みづしき, etc. Trust me, you’ll like them!
We’re waiting for more great games and authors worldwide to join us! Come and play ONE UNIVERSE together!

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